Terms and Conditions

We have briefly defined our terms and conditions in the following content. We urge you to read it completely before you take our services. Also, we may perform changes in these terms and condition time to time or subject to condition.

Age of User:

The user of our website should be at least 18 years old.

License to Use Website:

We (axislogo.com) and our licensors hold all the intellectual property rights of the material present on our website. These rights are reserved and all users all prohibited to manipulate these rights. Please read below what you can do and for what you are strictly prohibited to do:

What You Can’t Do:

  • You cannot copy any material from our website neither in digital form nor in printed documents.
  • You cannot show any material (content, images, graphics, etc.) of this website to public without asking us.
  • You are strictly prohibited to sell or rent any material present on this website, Axislogo.com
  • You cannot redistribute that content this is not highlighted as a redistributable content. Anyhow, you can share only that content which is highlighted as distributable by us.
  • You cannot edit or modify anything on our website.
  • You cannot reproduce or republish anything from our website with the help of iframes or screen scrapers.
  • You must not do anything that can damage our website.
  • You cannot use any systematic or automatic data collection tool on this website.
  • You are strictly prohibited to do activities like data mining, scraping, extraction, iframing, data harvesting, article spinning, and others.

Restricted Access

We reserve the right to restrict certain parts of this website for users. We can also change our restrictions time to time and subject to condition. If, for some cases, we allow you to access a restricted area of the website by issuing you a user ID and password, you will be completely responsible for the details and you will not be allowed to share the login details with any third party for any reason. Also, we can disable the given access without sending you any warning, explanation, or notice.

User Content:

In this section, you allow Axis Logo to use your content (without limitation) which you share with us on our website. By reading these terms and conditions page, you hereby grant axislogo.com a worldwide, royalty-free, and irrevocable license to use, publish, reproduce, or distribute your user content in present or future.

The content you share with us must not be wrong, unlawful, and must not be exploiting any third party’s legal rights. You are prohibited to share any content on our website that is harmful or illegal to use.


You hereby solemnly indemnify axislogo.com against any losses, liabilities, damages, costs, or expenses.

Breach of Terms and Conditions:

If you breach any term or condition mentioned here, Axislogo.com can block your access to the website, can block your IP on visiting the site, can contact your internet service provider to block your access to the website, or can approach legal courts against you.

Entire Agreement:

Along with the privacy policy and terms and conditions, you hereby make an entire agreement with us in relation to your use of our website.

Law and Jurisdiction:

These terms and conditions will be governed by and taken in accordance with the laws of IL, USA, and any disagreements relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of IL, USA.